Fox is readying an evolution movie based on the create-your-own-creature video game Spore. But will the new feature also include the Spore-inspired creature fad Sporn, in which genitalia inspired creatures dance for your amusement? (NSFW video.)

The video above comes from our roundup of Spore's most demented and inspired pornographic creations, a while back, gathered into one giant sexy music video. And now that Hollywood is interested in making Spore the movie, we demand it include some Sporn.

Chris Wedge (Ice Age) is producing the film, while the writers from Disney's latest animation project The Princess and the Frog, are writing the script.

"I'm always looking for unique worlds to go to in animation," Wedge said. "From every perspective — visually, thematically and comedically — the world of 'Spore' provides the potential to put something truly original on the screen."

That's the truth. We can't imagine an interesting Spore movie without some unconventional genitalia bursting out on screen. That's one clever way to market it as a tent pole production, no?