Will The Singing Space Taxi Brake For Aliens?

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Hayden Black's new singing webseries Cabonauts is starting to pick up steam, but what's this show about a space cab to Doctor Who, Buck Rogers and James T. Kirk all about?


The series will premiere on Dailymotion, who spoke to Black about dreaming up this odd little show about a space cabdriver. He promises lots and lots of cameos from well-known science-fiction franchises. And he explains how it literally became a space opera:

I'd cast Norm Thoeming as Harry, the driver, and he performs each week at I.O. in "Opening Night: The Musical". Knowing he had a musical background, I began to wonder if there was a way to incorporate that into the show - and slowly my mind came around to the idea of making it a musical. I'm writing all the music and lyrics and Norm and Monica Young (who's also a principal cast member) are just INCREDIBLE singers. They'll take on the brunt of the singing and I'll make sure just to write single words or lines for me to sing. I'm not exactly tone-deaf, but Norm and Monica could each do American Idol.


The official website describes it as "think Hitchhikers Guide meets Flight of the Conchords, and you're halfway there." That's a pretty tall order, so I'm interested to see what well be getting.

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We'll see.

You know, ever since Buffy, a lot of people have been trying to pull off an SF/Comedy/Musical - which is a lot like trying a triple axel while juggling. Just because an established genius with mega talent can do it doesn't mean anybody can. Most people will end up on their face.

We'll see where Black ends up.