Will The Next Superman Film Take Place In The Future? Plus First Details Of Avatar 2

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The rumored Superman director drops a shocking hint about Metropolis, and James Cameron's producer talks Avatar 2. Glee's Jane Lynch talks Paul. Even more Lost characters come back. Plus Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths, Fringe, FlashForward and Stargate spoilers!



For the umpteenth time, James McTeigue, rumored director of the next Superman film, said that while he's had "some discussions" with Warner Bros., the movie isn't happening any time soon. But as always, McTeigue was happy to talk about what his approach would be if he did take on Big Blue:

Superman is probably ripe for a bit of a change up. I think society has changed around the core idea of what Superman was... And I'm not saying you do the ubiquitous dark Superman, I'm not saying that… I'm just saying that I think there are some things that you could excise from the Superman mythology that people would get into it, if you took the world that he was in and changed that a bit, and maybe even project that into the future a bit. I think you don't really have to play into the origin story anymore. I think there's a whole bunch of things you could do to make that film more alive and exciting again.


So it sounds like McTeigue is backpedaling slightly from the idea he floated a while back, of a darker Superman. But more importantly, it sounds like he wants to put Clark Kent a few years into the future — which might allow for a more science-fictional take on our favorite visitor from space. Color us intrigued. [FirstShowing]

Avatar 2:

If Avatar does well enough, we're bound to get a second helping — and producer Jon Landau offers one suggestion for what the next movie will be about: the first movie only explores the surface of the planet Pandora. "The interior remains to be seen." So there could be some Na'Vi spelunking and subterranean exploration. [Slashfilm]



Jane Lynch, who's my new favorite actor thanks to Glee, says she's in one scene of this Simon Pegg film — she's the proprietor of the Ailey-Inn, an alien-themed restaurant that caters to nerds who are drawn to the vicinity of Area 51. (So, just like the alien-themed restaurant in Roswell.) Pegg and Nick Frost show up in the diner, reading their "cartoon books." Adds Lynch:

There's some trail in Nevada that's supposedly [where aliens have landed], and they're on the trail. [My character] owns the Ailey-Inn and she's way into it. She's profiting financially from [all these alien-hunting tourists], so she's their good friend.



Resident Evil: Afterlife:

The fourth Resident movie just started production officially, and the official press release offers just a snippet of new plot info, courtesy of producer Paul W.S. Anderson: "Alice's battle with The Umbrella Corporation isn't finished. Last time we saw Alice, she let them know she was coming after them. It's time to settle the score." [Bloody Disgusting]



Another new character we'll be meeting is Detective Rasmussen, who makes a visit to the hospital where Kate brings the pregnant Claire. There's speculation that Rasmussen is investigating Kate, who's still a fugitive in this alternate timeline. [SpoilersLost]


A visitor to Hawaii, Jenni Ranee, posted some pics of this show's set, which include a glimpse of some returning characters: Frank Lapidus, Ethan, and Aaron's nanny. Notice the trailer for "Admitting Nurse" and "OB Nurse" for the hospital scene (as well as one for "Detective Rasmussen," see above.) Also, most of the camp set has been struck, but the ramshackle structure where the castaways kept their Dharma food is still kind of intact — could there be a reason it's been preserved? [JenniRanee on Flickr, via SpoilersLost]


In episode eight, we'll get to learn what this show would look like as a sitcom. "Laugh track and all." [EW]



Is Walter going back into an institution? The show is seeking an actor to play this role in the tenth episode of the season:

[DOCTOR WEST] In his OR her 40s. He or she is intelligent and is the Director/Doctor in charge of a large mental institution. Guest Star. OPEN TO ALL RACES AND ETHNICITIES.




John Cho will need to spend some time playing Sulu in the next Star Trek movie, so does that mean his TV character Demetri is doomed to die? (After all, Demetri didn't see any vision of the future.) Cho says he doesn't know, and in any case the producers of both projects will work it out somehow. (And presumably, the same dilemma applies to Zachary Quinto, unless the inevitable undertakes Heroes first.) [Sci Fi Wire]


Stargate Universe:

Producer John G. Lenic talks about watching Robert Carlyle film an intense scene from early in the series:

[Carlyle] walks into a room, puts his iPod in a docking station, it starts playing. He goes over the side of the bed, looks at a picture, and starts crying. There was about six of us behind the monitors at that moment and we were all in tears. All had watery eyes and it was like, "Holy crap. What an amazing sensation to feel that."



Actor Brian J. Smith says his character, Lt. Matt Scott, goes through a lot in the episode "Life," and it's a "real heart-breaker." And the episode "Faith" takes place in a "breathtaking" location. [Joseph Mallozzi's Weblog]



The title of the 11th episode of this season will be "Thanksgiving." [The ODI]

Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths:

Here's a sneak peek at the next DC animated movie, which includes a glimpse of... Justice League Detroit? [MTV]


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Why is everyone in charge at Warner Bros. Animated a complete idiot?

First of all, KEEP KEVIN CONROY as Batman. Second, if you're going to steal from Grant Morrison STEAL EVERYTHING - don't just take a few elements and then implant them into a retarded plot that doesn't make sense (Owlman destroying the multiverse - who's retarded idea was that? Why would he stupidly want a murder-suicide of that scale?). Having Grant Morrison direct and write a JLA EARTH 2 Animated Adaptation would have been AWESOME! What Warner Bros. is doing here is more of the same boilerplate garbage that they've been producing ever since the end of the JLU Animated Series.

Also, if you're going to do a parallel universe story you need to have Kevin Conroy doing the voices of BOTH BATMAN AND OWLMAN! But, no, that would have made far too much sense.

What's with this garbage stunt celebrity casting shit?! They sound terrible. Except, of course, for Gina Torres who's a great voice actor.

Why are all these television executives always so completely brain-dead?

All these one-off DC Animated Features have all been wasted efforts.