Atonement director Joe Wright is making a real life Little Mermaid film. We're flipping our fins over this, but will his version have the dark ending Hans Christian Andersen originally intended for the Mermaid?

In the original poem the Mermaid is still mute when she's turned human and courting the prince. In Andersen's original version [Spoiler?], the prince chooses another, causing the Mermaid to want to go back to the sea. The only way she can do that is to stab the Prince in the heart and let the blood drip on her feet. In the end she cannot kill the man she loves — rejected or not — so she commits suicide and becomes sea foam. Also in the original, every time she uses her new feet it feels like knives stabbing at her legs. So yes, it's very very dark.


We'd like to think that Wright, who is a brilliant director, would really love this version. THR is reporting that the script, written by Abi Morgan, is indeed based on the tragic original. So let's just keep our fingers crossed it remains that way.