If a big-screen Doctor Who movie is announced at next week's San Diego Comic-Con as expected, will it be made without David Tennant? Rumors are circulating that he may be too busy working on Gullermo del Toro's The Hobbit movies.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting the rumor based, apparently, on speculation from the LA Times' Geoff Boucher, who noticed that Tennant and Jackson were both attending the convention next week, so take that with however many grains of salt you want. Tennant is just one of the actors who have been connected with the Bilbo Baggins role in the movie, with others including Wanted's James McAvoy and Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe. Personally, I was hoping for an awkwardly CGI-deaged Ian Holm based on the character's appearance in the Lord Of The Rings movies.


Doctor Who's David Tennant tipped to play Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit [Daily Telegraph]

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