Will The First Marvel/Disney Film Be A Pixar Ant-Man?

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We've been eagerly, if anxiously, awaiting news on Disney and Marvel's first combination since the big buy out last week. Turns out the first Disneyfied hero could be Ant-Man, but brought to you by Pixar. But will it be CG?


In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, one sentence sparked a lot of conversation.

Marvel has thousands of characters to feed Disney's film, TV, and animation business (Pixar is said to already be eyeballing an Ant-Man movie). As Iron Man proved, they don't need to be iconic to become blockbusters.


Coming Soon reminds us all that many years ago British film producer Edgar Wright expressed a lot of interest in the Ant-Man title, and had even written a treatment for the comic on his own. Whether this will be a CG film or a live action movie, still remains to be seen. But given Ant-Man's incredible shrinking powers, an all-CG film may make the most sense. But then again, what can't Pixar do these days?

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Years ago Saturday Night Live, Bill Murrey Et AL did a great sketch of a Super Hero Party.John Belushi as the Hulk who stinks up the bathroom. but Garret Morris shows up as Ant Man.And all the other heros are teasing him. "I can shrink down to the size of an ant but maintain the strength of a full grown Human.""OOOOO the strength of a Human..." the other heros reply.I guess you had to be there.