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We've been eagerly, if anxiously, awaiting news on Disney and Marvel's first combination since the big buy out last week. Turns out the first Disneyfied hero could be Ant-Man, but brought to you by Pixar. But will it be CG?


In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, one sentence sparked a lot of conversation.

Marvel has thousands of characters to feed Disney's film, TV, and animation business (Pixar is said to already be eyeballing an Ant-Man movie). As Iron Man proved, they don't need to be iconic to become blockbusters.


Coming Soon reminds us all that many years ago British film producer Edgar Wright expressed a lot of interest in the Ant-Man title, and had even written a treatment for the comic on his own. Whether this will be a CG film or a live action movie, still remains to be seen. But given Ant-Man's incredible shrinking powers, an all-CG film may make the most sense. But then again, what can't Pixar do these days?

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