Will The Fat Guy Get Out Of The Internet?

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Set your TiVos, the season finale of Fat Guy Stuck In Internet is this Sunday on Adult Swim. Which means no more fat jokes, cyber zombie redneck cracks or hilarious banter for at least a few months. Watch the show's creator and "Fat Guy" Josh Gemberling, playing Ken, and his friend, bounty hunter Chains, take on a winged demon creature with his cyber-pals Bit and Byte. Will our pudgy hero make his way out of the Internet, I hope not because there still is a lot of crap out there that needs to be mocked Fat Guy style. Click through for a clip of classic Bit and Byte.

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@tetracycloide: Venture Brothers isn't basically an inside joke to comic nerds and geeks?

I can appreciate what you are saying about this stuff being very niche. And that point has actually made me soften my stance.

I suppose this is good stuff, for the people who like it, but for the vast majority it is pretty bad. Bad enough that the 16th rerun of a Family Guy episode, or some poorly translated anime is a better watch.

But Cartoon Network should be given a big 'high five' for funding this stuff, and keeping it on the air. I mean otherwise Tim & Eric would be homeless street performers, and who really wants that?