Will the director of Chronicle really film Sony's big-budget Venom movie?

Illustration for article titled Will the director of emChronicle/em really film Sonys big-budget Venom movie?

With the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man reboot coming soon, it's no wonder that Sony is sniffing around for more Spidey-related films to shoot. Rumor has it they still want a big-budgeted Venom flick, and they want Chronicle's Josh Trank to direct it.

The LA Times is reporting that Sony is in the process of wooing Trank into the role of director for a movie centered around the gooey Marvel villain Venom. Does that mean we should be searching the screen in Marc Webb's Spider-Man for Venom-related easter eggs? What are the chances that Trank would actually take this gig?

Definitely take this report with a grain of salt for now. The last time Trank was linked to a big-budget superhero reboot, it was the Fantastic Four movie, and Trank told reporters:

I know as much as you guys know. I'm totally serious. I know as much as you. I saw that leak online and I was like, 'Um, okay, I'm trying to finish Chronicle right now.' This is weird. There's nothing to say, 'Chronicle' is exactly the kind of superhero movie that I wanted to make and, going forward, I want to have some original ideas and different things I'm working on.


So it seems unlikely that Trank's done such a huge about-face, especially when he followed that up with another quote that suggests his next movie will be Fox, not Sony: "I do have a deal with Fox, but right now I'm trying to work on original ideas. To me the most important thing is a good story, though I know how cliché that sounds. Finding my next project, whether it's a big franchise idea, or a small idea, it's all about strong characters and a good story, making something I would really want to see."

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