Will Terry Gilliam Finally Get His Time/Space Map Back?

We've only been waiting a decade for the return of Terry Gilliam, the visionary director, from the hole in space/time he vanished into. Luckily, his next project sounds just smart/weird enough to give us hope.

Gilliam is working on a movie called Zero Theorem, confirms the screenplay's author, University of Central Florida professor Pat Rushin. He won't divulge much about the movie's storyline, but it's supposedly a smaller story, more along the lines of The Fisher King than a huge 12 Monkeys-style operatic piece. Rushin is the author of a book of short stories called Quantum Physics And My Dog Bob, a title which which can't help filling me with hope for his writing.


Of course, Gilliam has some other projects on his plate. He's just finishing work on The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus, the last movie featuring the late Heath Ledger, which has Colin Farrell, Jude Law and Johnny Depp subbing in for Ledger. Says Gilliam:

Basically the movie (Dr Parnassus) is finished apart from about 600 special effects shots which are not quite finished,” Gilliam told City Times. “We’re in the final stages of development. Some of the effects have to be reshot because of Heath’s passing. He’s never computer generated in the film, but certain other things have to be changed. We had to change the script in certain ways. It was also partly due to the schedules of Johnny, Colin and Jude because they were all involved in other projects and we had to shoot very fast and not as controlled as I would like to be just to get them done. We literally had Johnny for a day and a half and I had a lot of work to do. Trying to work the transitions out from Heath’s character to the others took longer in some instances so everything just started growing.

He also says he rewrote the script in two days to accomodate the changing actors. I have a feeling Parnassus will be an interesting movie rather than a great movie. [Film Ick]

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