Spielberg is ready to redeem the struggling genre of science fiction on television. His third genre TV show, Nine Lives, might be airing on NBC, and we think Spielberg could be the TV savior we've been hoping for.

Spielberg created Nine Lives for the Syfy Channel but it never saw the light of day. The 12-hour miniseries brings back Spielberg's collaborator Les Bohem, who was a writer on Taken. The series was supposed to be centered on people who seek out near-death situations in order to reunite with dead loved ones. But the project never happened.


But the trades are now reporting that NBC is interested in bringing back this series, if Bohem updates the script. That makes 3 new scifi show under Spielberg's thumb. First is the untitled TNT alien invasion project with Noah Wyle and Moon Bloodgood which will have 10 episodes. And penned by Saving Private Ryan's Robert Rodat.

Next up is Terra Nova the dinosaur time traveling pitch to Fox. Which is so expensive they will have to jump straight into series production instead of trying to make a pilot and then test the waters, hope it's good.


And finally there's the NBC Nine Lives possibility. Since Spielberg is already planning on contributing to 3 stations, we figured why not direct/produce for all of them. Here's our "steal this pitch" for you Spielberg.


Now that Pushing Daisies is gone, we need another whimsical feel-good show. Speilberg bring us singing aliens that run a cake shop, with extra-terrestrial frosting that gives one child of a single-parent family magical powers. Also walkie-talkies are guns, and we all learn a lesson each week about the things that really matter in life. Like youth and believing in the unknown. And robot children.



Indie Jr.Indie is single father juggling sci-fi crime solving with pressures of raising his daughter. If only he could make it work with his partner in crime and Gal Friday who stands by his side through countless mysteries, hijinks and foibles.


Tom Hanks stars in a sepia tone series about the founders of NASA. It's like Mad Men, IN SPACE, and with tasteful nudity.