Will Spider-Man 4 Be Another Villain Logjam?

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Spider-Man 4 is just in the early stages, according to director Sam Raimi. But Australian cinema chain Hoyts posted a synopsis on its website, including the movie's villians. And it sounds... similar to Spider-Man 3.


Here's the Hoyts synopsis, which should obviously be taken with several massive grains of salt:

Peter Parker now faces a more greater threat. After a man is accidentally killed in an electrical power outage; a mass murderer has bonded with a symbiote. Thus wreaking havoc as Peter faces this red rampage, as well as an electrifying madman.


It sounds like the film could feature Carnage, the other symbiote-bonded maniac, plus Electro, the "electrifying madman." Of course, it seems kind of random that the movie's first synopsis would turn up on an Australian movie-theater-chain website, including such amazing grammar as "a more greater threat."

Of course, MTV already speculated that Carnage could be in the movie, based on an off-hand remark which Raimi made, plus very thin (and apparently untrue) rumors about Mickey Rourke being up for a role. [Mania]

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I hope not. In fact, I was hoping Raimi learned a lesson with #3, that quantity is not better than quality. BUT, we all know that all that really matters is how many toys can be made.

Also, I heard they were making a movie about the Teen Titans, Luke Cage, Moby Dick, and aliens kidnapping people from planes, and Mickey Rourke is up for a role in all of 'em.