Will Smith's Men In Black Video, a supercute Toy Story trailer, Doctor Who hints and Summer Glau talks The Cape!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Friday's spoilers include Transformers 3 casting, Will Smith pimping Men In Black, a Twilight clip, Doctor Who shockers, and Summer Glau explaining how bloggers fight crime. Plus Jonah Hex, Nikita, Stargate, Last Airbender, Walking Dead, Chuck, V and True Blood.


Transformers 3:

Now that you know this movie will be way better than the last one, there's news that James Avery (Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air) will voice the character Silverbolt. [TFW2005]

Jonah Hex:

A slew of new promo photos! [IGN]

Men In Black 3-D:

People are describing this 30-second video of Will Smith as a teaser trailer or teaser clip, but it's really just him talking about how the movie is in 3-D. Here it is anyway:

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn:

We already kind of knew this, but now it's official: The last book in the series will be split into two movies. [Summit]

Also, Karate Kid star Jaden Smith would like to be in this movie. [MTV]

Meanwhile, here's another Eclipse clip that we might not have shown you yet. [SpoilerTV-Movies]

The Last Airbender:

Fireballs fly and drama sizzles in a new TV spot.

Toy Story 3:

Holy synergy! Here's a new Google trailer for this movie, which is really cute. And illuminates the whole "going to college" storyline. [Slashfilm]

Wonder Woman:

This long stuck-in-development-hell movie hasn't yet shown any movement, despite the Flash movie being greenlit. But Jennifer Love-Hewitt is campaigning for the lead role. [Sci Fi Wire]


Doctor Who:

What happens in the season finale? Let this new plot synopsis for "The Big Bang" illuminate you.

The Doctor is gone, the Tardis has been destroyed, and the universe is collapsing. The only hope for all reality is a little girl who still believes in stars.




Speaking of Wonder Woman, don't hold your breath for Lynda Carter to play the Amazon princess. Producer Josh Schwartz says she's not quite whom he has in mind for the role. All he will say is that Chuck's mom is someone who can kick ass. [EW]



The CW's new fall promo includes glimpses of a few genre shows, as well as a tiny tiny snippet of Maggie Q being awesome. [SpoilerTV]

The Walking Dead:

Michael Rooker tweeted that he's about to start playing a role in this series — nobody knows who he's playing, but speculation has it he's playing Jim, the mechanic who's lost his family to the undead. [ShockTillYouDrop]


And I don't think we've shown you this video where Frank Darabont talks about how he wants the zombies to be slow, not fast, and he's basing everything on the George Romero mythos. And he sees the show as being about people trying to do the right thing or else get away with doing the wrong thing. [Den Of Geek]


We linked to a video of Russell T. Davies being interviewed by the BBC the other day, and now there's a transcript. Interesting quotes:

We will still be shooting in Wales, there'll still be Cardiff action, but the storyline now takes the team to America, to other parts of the world. It's still going to be good, very personal stories, sometimes you describe it as ‘international stuff', it sounds like a 1960′s series called ‘The Jetset' or something. It's going to be really good, strong human stories at the heart... Barrowman will be back as Jack, and we're all very excited, and hopefully some new UK signings as well, and a new American cast as well. That's going to be part of the fun, the culture clash, you know sometimes in dramas Americans crop up for no reason, this is going to be the Americans not knowing what's going on with the Welsh, the Welsh not knowing what's going on with the Americans. There's a lot of fun, I think, to be had out of that, so it's going to be lively, it's going to be a good laugh.


[Doctor Who Interviews]

The Cape:

Sounds like the main character gets into his superhero costume in the pilot, so we're not kept waiting. "It's a guy playing a superhero, not so much a [real] superhero," says star David Lyons. He dresses up as a comic book character to clear his name (as one does) and "after being trained by circus carnies, he learns how to use a cape in such a way that he can fight crime," says Lyons. Meanwhile, Summer Glau says she plays Orwell, an "investigative blogger" who looks into crime in the city, and she helps the Cape clear his name. And there's no romantic tension between the Cape and Orwell, because the Cape has a little kid. You can watch the video of the interview at the link. [EW]



Just because Anna has experienced human emotions in the season finale, don't expect that to turn her into a nice person, cautions Morena Baccarin. If anything, it may make her more evil. More video at the link. [WatTV via CineTVBuzz]

True Blood:

An ultra creepy scene between Lafayette and his new boyfriend Jesus will show you exactly how there's more to Jesus than meets the eye — there's something spiritual and maybe sinister about Jesus. Also, we'll be seeing some people who we thought were gone — but that doesn't include Maryann. But this year's big bad will be much harder to get rid of than Maryann was. Alan Ball wants to break from tradition and not dispose of the big bad at the end of the year — instead he'll leave the door open. And that new big bad could be Denis O'Hare's vampire king of Mississippi. [EW]


Did we already show you these character posters? If not, then now we have. [SpoilerTV]

And here's the new Entertainment Weekly cover:

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Stargate Universe:

There's a spoiler-free review of the season finale over at Den Of Geek. You'll find out more about the Lucian Alliance and its motives in this episode. Also, the ending is indeed shocking, but it all depends on whether the writers have "enough balls to follow through when it comes to season two." So we'll have to wait and see if there's a giant reset button waiting for us when season two debuts, I guess. Way more at the link. [Den Of Geek]


Batman: Under The Hood:

Are you wishing you could punch the walls of reality like Superboy Prime to make the release date of this DVD come faster? Writer Judd Winick explains how he rewrote his top-selling comic to turn it into a 75-minute animated film:

I had to take two years of story and boil it down to 75 minutes of film, and that's a challenge and liberating at the same time. It forces one to cut out all the fat and get to the heart of it. It's about making a movie. And for those who know anything about movies, it's about putting one foot in front of the other, building from one scene to the next to the next and so on. There are no cul-de-sacs or crossovers – it's all about getting the story to its essence... I'm really, really happy that the emotional core of the story is still there. We don't really get to tell stories like this in animation. The opera of it all is usually reserved for live action. This story is about characters actually emoting and dealing with horrible situations. Animation usually gets just the action and the visualization, and not the characters actually feeling anything. So it was nice we got to do that.


And here are some new stills. [Warner Bros.]

Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff.




Weren't Charisma Carpenter and Eliza Dushku campaign for the WW role in the past (especially when Joss Whedon was attached)?