Will Smith Made the Best Possible Choice During Suicide Squad Filming

Image: Warner Bros.
Image: Warner Bros.

And it was to not get a tattoo of the word “squad,” misspelled, from a possibly drunken cast mate. This is an excellent choice.


One of the many, many stories of weirdness from the set of Suicide Squad was that of cast and crew members going into Margot Robbie’s trailer to get “skwad” tattoos from each other. But according to a Hollywood Reporter interview with Karen Fukuhara, who plays Katana, you won’t find one of these things on Will Smith:

What was your most memorable day on set?

Getting my tattoo from [co-star] Margot Robbie. We were hanging out one night at dinner, and we said, “We should all get matching tattoos.” And she was like, “Yeah, let’s do it.” She came in on one of the shooting days and brought her tattoo gun in her trailer, and we all filed in and gave each other tattoos. Will [Smith] didn’t [get one], but he was definitely down with it. Mine is on my ankle. It says SKWAD.

Fukuhara’s version of this story has a lot less alcohol than the one given by fellow cast member Ike Barinholtz, but I imagine that the “dinner” she’s talking about included a fair bit of it. We also have this Instagram photo from Joel Kinnaman’s (Rick Flag):

Which means, if both this photo and Fukuhara are correct, Will Smith managed to tattoo a co-star but avoided being tattooed in return. Well played, Will. Well played.

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Heh. I misread that and thought ‘Suicide Squid.’

I’ll show myself out.