Will Scientists Ever Finally Discover A Theory Of Everything?

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Katie Silver has penned an article for BBC Earth in which she explores the idea of finding a single theory that describes the entire Universe. But as her article aptly points out, it's a challenge that appears to be getting increasingly difficult.


It's kind of a paradox, really: The more we learn about the Universe, the more intractable it becomes. At the turn of the previous century, cosmologists were rocked by the advent of quantum physics. Today, scientists are still trying to resolve the presence of this wacky realm, while subsequently dealing with M-theory and the potential for multiverses.

In her article, Katie Silver traces the history of changing scientific paradigms, and how new ideas have worked to solve conundrums and introduce entirely new ones altogether. All the while a single, coherent answer to life, the Universe and everything remains elusive.


"Finding a theory of everything would be a staggering achievement, finally making sense of all the weird and wonderful things in our universe," writes Silver. "For decades, confident physicists have said that one is just around the corner. So are we really on the verge of understanding everything?"

Be sure to read Silver's entire post at BBC Earth.

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