Will Roland Emmerich's Singularity bring about The Singularity?

Illustration for article titled Will Roland Emmerichs emSingularity/em bring about The Singularity?

What's this? There's a new Roland Emmerich science fiction film on the horizon! Let's just hope this new movie, titled Singularity, manages to be a worthy successor to 2012 and other recent Emmerich spectacles.


While there is literally nothing in detail plotwise about this new film we do know two things. One, according to Deadline, Sony is hot for this feature (which promises to herald the return of Emmerich's explosion-heavy genre style, after his current drama about the Shakespearean authorship controversy). The studio has high hopes that this feature will be a major tentpole for 2012. And two, this probably means that Emmerich's desire to adapt the extremely complicated work of Isaac Asimov‘s Foundation has been pushed aside for now. Bullet dodged, everyone.

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Knowing how Emmerich likes to ramp up the calamity with each ensuing picture, after mostly destroying the Earth a couple of times it seems like the only place for him to go is to finally destroy the entire planet plus the solar system by having a rogue black hole enter our corner of the galaxy. Singularity almost writes itself. Especially the part where the family dog escapes falling through the event horizon by outrunning light itself.