Will Ridley Scott Direct the "Alien" Prequel?

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Forget Alien vs. Predator - the real battle may be the one brewing between Fox and Ridley Scott's family over who will direct the forthcoming Alien prequel.


As reported a couple weeks ago (including here at io9), Tony Scott has confirmed that he and his brother/producing partner Ridley are going ahead with an Alien prequel. Scott said Carl Erik Rinsch, the commercial director who made the robot-filled Saturn ad below, would make his feature debut as the movie's director.


Entertainment Weekly, however, reports that 20th Century Fox isn't interested in the project unless Ridley, who directed the original Alien 30 years ago, helms the new one as well. Complicating matters is the notion that Rinsch is (according to EW) dating Ridley's daughter, Jordan. (Like everyone else in the Scott family, she's also a director of TV ads.) Is that what Tony Scott meant when he said handing the movie to Rinsch was giving it over to "one of the family"?

Show of hands: Who wants to see Scott return to direct the franchise he created? Who has watched Rinsch's work and thinks he's just the fresh blood needed to revitalize the series, after the ignominy of the later sequels and the Alien vs. Predator titles? Who's afraid that a power struggle between Fox and the Scotts is going to scuttle the project altogeher? And who wishes they'd just leave well enough alone and not try to fix what ain't broke?

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A once great director returning to do a prequel to the original groundbreaking sci-fi material that made him famous?! What could possibly go wrong!