While Michael Bay is location-scouting on the Space Coast of Florida, home of the Kennedy center, details are spilling out about the next Transformers film. Which sounds like it has even more aliens in it this time around.

While perusing through the local press announcements of the Transformers 3 location scouting in Central Florida, we pieced together these bits of news.


Transformers will be filming at the Kennedy Space Center, the Space Coast Regional Airport, Patrick Air Force Base [which means more potential spaceships, space launches and space plots] and Lone Cabbage Fish Camp, to name a few interesting — and potentially revealing — locations, according to TFW2005.

-The Fish Camp is a great place to go on a airboat ride, and it just so happens an unnamed character in the film is making a living as an airboat tour guide. According to Fox Orlando, the Transformers crew have speculated about making this character a, "surf instructor, fishing guide and then airboat tour operator." So either it's an Autobot who can turn into a boat — which would be awesome — or it's a human character. If it can't be a Transformer, we hope it's John Malkovich.


Meanwhile, we reported yesterday that Michael Bay insisted that the obnoxiously Jar-Jar-esque Twins "are not back in T3." But if that's the case, then who the hell are these guys spotted on the Transformers 3 set, thanks to Left Lane News?

Photo by Brian Williams/Brenda Priddy & Co.

That is an updated Skidz and Mudflap right? Bay has been known to feed the press misinformation to keep us all on our feet, but come on everyone hated those racist little cars. Strip them down for parts already.