Here's a brand new TV spot for Transformers: Dark Of The Moon that aired during the Daytona 500 and unleashed a handful of new NASCAR Transformers.


But with our wounds still healing from Transformers 2's Mudflap and Skids, we're still very cautious when it comes to new Bay bots. Will these Transformers also insult and offend like their predecessors?

To be fair, this new trailer has all the Bayhem we normally adore; the standard two color filter (teal and amber), fire, pretty actresses, exploding asphalt, slow-mo plane jumps, robot swords, you know the good stuff. Plus it sounds like it's narrated by Transformers alum John Turturro.


Then the NASCAR bots pop out, and we want to scream, "oooh, shiny" like in '07, with the first feature — but we know better. You've burned us before, Bay. What are the odds that one of these cars has a terrible redneck accent? If the stabbing-a-pen-in-your-leg-to-make-it-stop-hurting lingo from Skids and Mudflap, plus Wheelie's odd curse-riddled Brooklyn cadence, are any indication of the Transformers school of character development happening in Dark of The Moon, then these NASCAR bots could be a disaster. Could their best pal, "Arvee" the mobile meth lab Transformer, be close behind?

But, we haven't heard any of these Transformers speak, yet, so here's hoping the director has indeed learned his lesson from T:ROTF. And if not, may we suggest "Sanctimonious" the Prius for the fourth Transformers installment?

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