Will Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy be set in the year 2045?

While Marvel readies to shoot their next superhero movie Guardians of the Galaxy over in England, new details are slowly starting to leak out from that prep, including one very big piece of news. Could the alien adventure epic be set 32 years into the future?

A call for futuristic bikes for an unnamed Marvel movie shooting in England has revealed the potential date for the Guardians of the Galaxy picture. Check out the note sent to the Motorcycle Industry Association.

The MCI has been contacted by the film makers Marvel, who are looking for electric bikes with a ‘futuristic’ look to use in a major feature film. This will be shot in England in an imaginary 2045.

The film makers have not been able to specify the exact number needed only that it would defiantly be more than one - to be decided by the director.

Manufacturers, who have something suitable and would welcome the chance to be involved, can contact Ian Clark, Picture Vehicle Coordinator via the MCI press office.


Does this mean in the future we all ride motorcycles? Even though GotG wasn't specifically mentioned in the posting, the dates, and shooting schedules all line up. We wonder which of The Avengers (if any) are still standing that far ahead in time.

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