Will Marvel Studios Boss Take Over Disney?

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Just weeks after Disney's buyout of Marvel was announced, the chairman of Disney Studios is leaving the company, and who happens to be one of the people being named as a possible successor? Kevin Feige, current president of Marvel Studios.


Dick Cook, the now-former chairman of Disney Studios, left the position this weekend after 38 years at the company; in his seven years as chairman, he was one of the more vocal early supporters of the now-popular digital 3-D format, and in large part responsible for both the creation of Guillermo del Toro's Double Dare You and the acquiring of Marvel.

Deadline Hollywood's Nikki Finke is reporting that not only was Cook fired from the position due to the recent lackluster performance of Disney movies at the box office, but that a possible frontrunner for his replacement is Marvel's Feige:

There's been a lot of talk that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige spent a lot of time with Disney CEO Bob Iger during the dealmaking to buy the company, and Feige impressed the hell out of Iger.


If Feige takes the position, it'll validate the talk of the Marvel/Disney deal being close to the Pixar/Disney deal even more; just as Pixar's John Lassetter became Disney's Chief Creative Officer, bringing Pixar culture to the parent company, so would Marvel culture become part of Disney's core operations with Feige's appointment.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

Without doing any research, it's my impression that Marvel has had more misses than hits - even with a prebuilt audience for most films. So if Cook was hired for recent movies' poor performance, why would they hire Feige