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Is Marvel Comics really going to bring Jean Grey back from the dead for a second time? A new promotional image for their worryingly-named Second Coming event teases that very possibility more than ever.

After years of teasing, the new promo for Second Coming is the strongest suggestion yet that Cable supporting character Hope - who first appeared in the 2007 storyline Messiah Complex, and was the first mutant baby born after 2005's House of M made Marvel's mutants an endangered species - is actually a reborn Jean Grey. The image shows Hope in costumes reminiscent of both Grey's Phoenix and Dark Phoenix identities:

Illustration for article titled Will Marvel Really Exhume X-Mens Greatest Moment Again?

Grey, one of the original X-Men, originally committed suicide in 1980's Dark Phoenix Saga when her cosmic powers threatened to overwhelm her humanity; the death was retconned in 1986, when it was "revealed" that Phoenix was actually a clone of Grey, and that the real Grey was still alive after all. After almost twenty years of rebirth, Grant Morrison killed the character again (By this point, again possessing her Phoenix powers) at the end of his New X-Men run in 2005.

The original Dark Phoenix Saga is considered by many to be one of, if not the, best X-Men storylines, and her original resurrection was controversial both with fans and creators (Not least of all because it screwed with then X-Men writer Chris Claremont's already-in-process plans for the series), but by this point, comic fans have become so used to characters returning from the dead that entire series have been constructed around the familiarity of the concept (DC's Blackest Night). Will anyone care that Jean Grey has seemingly risen again? And, if they do, will they accept her return as anything more than retreading old stories?

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