Will Louis "Incredible Hulk" Leterrier Direct Y: The Last Man?

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Last week, Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier mentioned he was on the shortlist for The Avengers. This week, it's been rumored Leterrier is considering another hot comic property: the film adaptation of Brian K Vaughan's Y: The Last Man.


Just last week Leterrier - whose remake of Clash of The Titans hits theaters this weekend - mentioned that he was in the running for the Avengers feature film. Last weekend, Latino Review claimed that Leterrier is instead considering a film version of BKV's DC/Vertigo series Y: The Last Man. According to Latino Review's source "Pinche Taco":

Well good news. El Taco can dice EXCLUSIVO that director Louis Leterrier is circling Y THE LAST MAN. Sure, Clash of the Titans looks craptastic and The Incredible Hulk wasn't incredible but someone is trying to direct the movie which hopefully will give power to Team Brenner to find a good director.

Now some reports last week mentioned Louis for Marvel's THE AVENGERS but if you read exactamente you would see that it was LOUIS who was pimping himself. See, there's no one really in charge of Marvel at the moment as they merge with Disney. Everyone knows that Kevin Feige walks funny because he has Avi Arad's hand up his ass puppeting him and that Avi has been lobbying Disney to give him back control of Marvel- which they don't want, being sane and all. So no one is making future decisions for the time being. So don't count on La Francais directore para Los Avengers!


The last director tied to the Y project was D.J. Caruso, who wanted to turn the adventures of Yorick Brown into a trilogy. For his part, Vaughan had written an earlier draft of the film but is presently concentrating on his script for The Vault, another post-apocalyptic thriller about a master burglar breaking into the Svalbard Global Seed Vault to save humanity. While it would be great to see Vaughan return to his comic roots, BKV's newfangled apocalypse heist caper sounds promising.

[via Latino Review and Quiet Earth]

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Jack B. Quick

Well thank F*** for that. Caruso displayed an amazing (and alarming) failure to understand the comic's narrative every time he made any kind of public mention about it. It's like I once commented, he seems to have had the story retold to him second or third hand, but never actually read it himself. I am extremely relieved he's off the project. No problems with Leterrier. I actually liked his Incredible Hulk.

Hopefully this also means Shia LaBeuf is out. Nothing against the guy (but plenty against his roles), but he just isn't Yorrick.

As an aside, I still keep being surprised that sites like Latino Review and AiCN break big-ass film news. Boggles the mind.