Will Julie Taymor be forced out of the Spider-Man Musical?

Despite the comedy of errors that is Broadway's Spider-Man musical, ticket sales continue to soar. But will this next news snip Spidey's web once and for all? Rumor has it director Julie Taymor may step down.


First lead actress Natalie Mendoza left the production (fearing for her safety.) Then Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa was hired to rewrite the musical's book, and after that Bono and The Edge started re-tinkering with the show's songs. Is the next big change a new director?

The New York Times is speculating that the producers of the show still see a light at the end of the tunnel for the show, but they are aware that the musical needs massive changes, which may have to happen without Taymor.

What is certain, the people said, was that the producers saw the potential for major changes to the musical, which they hope to mount for years in productions around the world, and that Ms. Taymor either needed to accept help in making those changes or face a different outcome, potentially her exit from the show. The names of multiple directors, choreographers and playwrights have been ricocheting around the Broadway community for days now.

Still, we're not sure if a new director could change this show. The sets, costumes and stunts are all so ridiculously Taymor, we don't know how it could be adapted to work better — unless they scrapped half of the show and started from scratch. But is it even necessary? Despite the hatred from the critics, tickets keep on selling.

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John Hazard

I like Julie Taymor, but in this case her ego is the problem. They can make the spectacular stunts safer, but even when the show runs smoothly the worst part is the story, especially the whole second act. First, THEY CHANGE UNCLE BEN'S DEATH! Then the whole second act is Parker not wanting to be Spider-Man! It's a downer- the whole audience was fidgeting and groaning. There's also two female characters Taymor made up- the (intentionally) nonsensically named Swiss Miss (in the pic above) and a major character in the play who takes over the story. If Taymor wanted to tell a more female story, she could have strengthened the parts of Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, Aunt May, or put in Black Cat or Madame Web (who could replace the major character she made up). Better yet she could have made a musical about Wonder Woman or Supergirl, and left Spidey's iconic origin story alone.

Really, if they just make the story more like Spider-Man's classic comic book story, it could be really great.