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Three fast-tracked fairy tales have almost landed two very big Hollywood stars. But which big budget Snow White movie will get your money — and the best Evil Queen? Here's our breakdowns of Hollywood's three Snow White films. Yep, three.


Snow White and the Huntsman

This is a live action Snow White adaptation, where the Hunstman plays a much bigger role in the film. In fact, rumors have it Snow White is eventually taken under the wing of the Huntsman (who was originally supposed to be played by Tom Hardy, but now Michael Fassbender is rumored to be attached to the part). As for Snow White herself, THR is reporting that Universal studio is looking at Riley Keough (Elvis Presley's granddaughter), Felicity Jones, Bella Heathcoat, and Alicia Vikander for the role of the lost young princess. And Deadline claims that actresses Charlize Theron all but has the part of the Evil Queen, if she wants it.


The Brothers Grimm: Snow White

The next film in search of an Evil Queen is The Brothers Grimm: Snow White, and according to Deadline, "Relativity Media is courting Julia Roberts to play the Evil Queen. That film will be directed by Tarsem [Singh] from a script by Melisa Wallack." Like the Huntsman, this film has been put on the Hollywood fast track, and is rumored to be in 3D.

Snow White and the Seven

Finally, the third Snow White movie getting kicked around in Hollywood has swapped out the 7 dwarfs for fighting monks. USA Today even reported that Yuen Woo-ping (fight choreographer for the Matrix trilogy and Kill Bill) was recruited to direct the movie at one point. But there hasn't been an update in some time.


So there you have it — Hollywood's three Snow White films, our money is on the Huntsman actually getting made.

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