Mad Men's Don Draper is in the cast of The Day the Earth Stood Still? Why is the studio not publicizing the hell out of this? Jon Hamm is a god among skinny hipster emo men. He's a man reclaiming manliness, and we've the first photos released of him in this Keanu-laden flick. Plus, we've got full frontal Gort in the new 5-minute trailer. Check out the up-close stills of Hamm and some hot Gort action too. Granted I still think that Keanu Reeves is an excellent casting choice for an emotionless alien Klaatu sent to our world to warn humans of our wrong-doings, but we gotta be pushing the Hamm a little harder Fox, because I'll take seconds.We already showed you the entire 5 minute long TDTESS trailer and instead of making you sit through the whole thing again we've pulled out the new bits of Gortness for your viewing pleasure. Even though John Hamm practically narrated said trailer this is the first time we're getting and up close and personal look at the man himself. Will this remake give us Gort and Hamm drinking and smoking together? Also check out Kyle Chandler from the Early Edition and Friday Night Lights. Good for you Chandler, landing a spot in what will surely be a pretty big holiday hit. And here is another look at the shiny face of Gort, Klaatu's personal robot body guard who's gonna blow this whole world to hell if Earthlings don't take better care of Keanu, or the planet.

Illustration for article titled Will Jon Hamm Introduce Cigarettes and Booze to Gort?

To see even more great stills check out the exclusive collection of stills at Empire Magazine.

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