Will John Hurt's guest spot rewrite Doctor Who history as we know it?

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

That's what a crazy rumor claims, at any rate. Clark Gregg hints at how Agent Coulson's story in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. connects with his "death" in The Avengers. David S. Goyer explains why Superman's story isn't just about a superhero, it's about an alien. What do Guardians of the Galaxy casting calls reveal? Spoilers ahead!


Top image from Iron Man 3.

Man of Steel

Screenwriter David S. Goyer argues the new Superman film isn't just a superhero movie, but "a first contact story":

Even if he didn’t have superpowers it would literally be the biggest story that ever happened in human history. It would change the face of the Earth forever. Just his existence would. I think it was in one of the Donner films — which I adore — but I think there’s a moment where Lois Lane is interviewing Clark and says, ‘So you’re from Krypton, huh?’ and he says ‘Yeah,’ and then they just kind of drop it. He just said he’s from an alien world! And everybody just accepts it. I just thought the idea that we would treat [Man of Steel] as a first contact story was in a strange way it was kind of a big idea because everything sort of follows from that. So that was one of the Eureka Moments.


Here's an interview with star Michael Shannon in which he discusses his character, General Zod.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Uni-versal Extras has posted the following casting calls for extras, doubles, and various other background roles in Guardians of the Galaxy. Although it's unwise to read too much into apparent plot details buried in these casting calls — it's not as though the people who wrote this are likely to have read the script or even know precise details of the movie — but it does mention the Guardians "protect the Galaxy in the future of a different dimension," which might tie in with the recent rumors that the film is somehow set in 2045. Anyway, here are the casting calls:

- The Core: For the new Marvel super hero film we are looking for males and females who are seasoned professional SAs to be a core group of people who will be used for a variety of different roles throughout the whole of filming.
- Being on an Alien planet: For new Marvel Super hero film about a team of super heroes who protect the Galaxy in the future of a different dimension, we are looking for males and females who are amputees.
- Doubling for the Super hero: For new Marvel Super hero film about a team of super heroes who protect the Galaxy in the future of a different dimension, we are looking for males to double for one of the main actors.
- Albino males and females: For new Marvel Super hero film about a team of super heroes who protect the Galaxy in the future of a different dimension, we are looking for males and females who are Albinos.
- Tall Aliens: For new Marvel Super hero film about a team of super heroes who protect the Galaxy in the future of a different dimension, we are looking for tall males to play aliens.
- The Dark Monks: For a new super hero feature film we are looking for males and females to pretend to be monks.
- Mutant soldiers: For new Super hero film about a team of super heroes who protect the Galaxy in the future of a different dimension, we are looking for males with Stunt or SPAK experience to play mutant soldiers.
- Getting around with no hair: For new Super hero film about a team of super heroes who protect the Galaxy in the future of a different dimension, we are looking for bald males and females.
- The Big Man: For a new Superhero movie we are looking for a very muscular male to double for one for the main actors.
- Identical twins: For a new Superhero movie we are looking for male and female identical twins.

[Uni-versal Extras]

The Walking Dead's Michael Rooker is pointedly not confirming that he's been cast as founding Guardians member Yondu:

“Guardians of the Galaxy is a comic book series based on superhero-type guys that help protect humankind and all kinds of life that live out in the galaxies, and they kill bad guys and shit like that, next question... I’m not at liberty to say anything other than that.”


He does, however, have high praise for the movie's director James Gunn, with whom he worked on Slither:

“James Gunn is the most prepared director that I’ve ever known. He’s a good friend now. We’ve been friends ever since Slither, and he’s a joy to work with. He’s an excellent writer, a very well-prepared director. He comes in and talks with you. It helps a lot to have a director who knows what the hell he wants out of a scene as opposed to someone who’s over there in the corner going like ‘I’m not sure how to shoot it.’ Gunn’s not like that at all.”


[Comic Book]

Iron Man 3

Costar Stephanie Szostak hints at how her character, Extremis assassin Ellen Brandt, fits in:

"I think for [my character],[Extremis] was a second chance at life. We talked about what you feel like and I think it almost makes you a fuller version of who you are, all your weakness and your qualities - just everything gets enhanced. I saw it as very freeing, almost you become your true-self and your fantasy-self all at once."


[Comic Book Movie]

The Avengers 2

In light of the recent co-production efforts between Hollywood and China — including Marvel Studios's own Iron Man 3 — writer-director Joss Whedon discusses that possibility for The Avengers sequel:

"I’m working on the script right now, and if someone came to me and said, ‘We’re looking into doing a chunk of this in China’—well, I’d have to think about it. China is on my radar. It can’t not be at this point. If a studio person said to me, ‘Hey, that scene that takes place in Miami and features flamingos has to be filmed in China,’ I would be like, ‘Well, no, that doesn’t make any sense. And no, there is no scene about flamingos in Avengers 2. I can’t stress that enough. I don’t want the fanboys to be abuzz tomorrow about flamingos."



Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Hayley Atwell again confirms that she will at least cameo as Peggy Carter in the sequel, presumably only in flashback sequences:

"They're so tight, the Marvel family, and private. I can say that I am involved in some way in the second one. Just know that it's not me being cryptic, it's Marvel. They can just as easily kill me off if I threaten to tell the story before it's time. They're keeping it all under wraps... There's been an online campaign for Peggy to be featured. People really liked her. So Marvel have made sure that as part of Comicon there will be a little kind of snapshot as to what Peggy's actually really capable of, which was finished here and which was great fun. Hopefully, it will lead to other things."


[The Age]

Jupiter Ascending

Cloud Atlas actress Bae Doo Na says she is reteaming with the Wachowskis for their latest sci-fi epic:

"My role in the movie is a very small one. Compared to Cloud Atlas, I think this new movie will a lot easier and just an enjoyable SF movie.”



Transformers 4

Director Michael Bay has reportedly said that he wants the running time of the fourth Transformers movie to be somewhat shorter than its predecessors. In fact, he apparently has an intended running time down to the nearest minute:

"Two hours 7 minutes, which I think is a good formula, which gives enough room to maneuver."


This is one of those interviews where Bay presumably gave his original answer in English, then it was translated into French for the article, and now it's been translated back into English. As such, this quote might not be totally accurate, but the gist is likely correct. [TFW2005]

Doctor Who

There's an insane, thoroughly unsourced rumor floating around that the 50th Anniversary special's major guest star, legendary actor John Hurt, is going to be playing... the Doctor. And not just some future or alternate Doctor, but the real 9th Doctor, an incarnation that was somehow forgotten in the insanity of the Time War. And in case you're thinking this is all part of an absurdly elaborate "Screw you" to Christopher Eccleston, fear not — the rumor claims that, as Hurt emerges as the forgotten 9th Doctor, Eccleston becomes the 10th, David Tennant the 11th, and Matt Smith the 12th. While I can kind of imagine Steven Moffat doing something like that, if only to piss off insane fans like myself with retroactive renumbering, it's worth stressing that there's no clear source for this rumor at present, and even if there were, it would still be wise to take it with a grain of salt. In the meantime, here's a radio interview in which confirmed returning Doctor David Tennant discusses the special. [SpoilerTV]


Returning to the currently airing series, here's a promo for this Saturday's episode, "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS." [Life, Doctor Who, and Combom]

Here are five dialogue teasers. Check out the link for five more:

"It's important to me that you get along." "That thing is spewing poison." "My ship, my rules!" "Don't get into a spaceship with a madman, didn't anyone ever tell you that?" "The TARDIS will get huffy."



And here are five plot-related teasers:

Someone is not what they seem. Clara has a Raiders of the Lost Ark vibe going on. Something from 'The Eleventh Hour' makes an appearance. Something from 'A Good Man Goes To War' makes an appearance. I wonder if Omega and Rassilon are taking notes...


Again, there are another five hints at the link. [Cultbox]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Star Clark Gregg more or less confirms that Agent Coulson has indeed come back from the dead in this Avengers spin-off, and his resurrection will be part of the general craziness that he deals with as the show's main character:

"When Joss described to me the mystery... and the complexity and the unanswered questions about Phil Coulson standing there trying to deal with this, I found it so fascinating and so true to the world of the comics and mythology in general as I understand them that I was immediately in... I don’t know how you could not change going through what he went through. I think if he hadn’t gone through some kind of change, it wouldn’t be any good. That said, I don’t know if he understands how much he’s changed.”


You can check out the complete interview with Gregg below. [Coming Soon]

Person of Interest

Here's a promo for the next episode, "In Extremis."

Once Upon a Time

Belle actress Emelie de Ravin offers some hints for the season finale:

I think there’s going to be a few minds blown. There’s also the element of Storybrooke not being safe anymore. You’re not sure who some people are or what their intentions are. It ain’t looking good! There will be more evil people. We can have outsiders now, and that’s not good. With the finale, I think people will be really, really excited about the happenings. There are sad and happy moments. There are very sweet moments, and there’s some sadness, too.




The continued implosion of NBC's schedule means Grimm has been promoted back out of its Friday night slot. Starting April 30, it will air the rest of its episodes on Tuesdays. [SpoilerTV]


Orphan Black

Here's a behind-the-scenes featurette.


Costar Stephanie Leonidas discusses her character Irisa:

She’s been brought up by Nolan (Grant Bowler), who’s a human. But, the most interesting thing to me is that there were so many times that things didn’t make sense to her when they did to him, and she didn’t quite fit in. I always liked the fact that she went back to her roots and didn’t ever feel so comfortable, but didn’t really know why, and was constantly battling with herself. She was like a young girl, and I liked that aspect of it, as well. She’s just like any human girl, having to deal with all of that stuff. It was about what being an Irathient meant to her, and about discovering a lot about herself and her past. I think it’s definitely something that I, as Irisa, would like to hang onto because I think it’s important.

How would you describe the relationship between Nolan and Irisa?
It’s like many father-daughter relationships, in some ways. They have their moments. They’re fiercely loyal towards each other, and they would do anything for each other. They’d live or die together. There’s no doubt about that. They’re so loyal that they would do anything for each other. But, like any father-daughter relationship, they have their moments and there are many of them. With Irisa, she’s quite dangerous, as well. She carries knives. It’s an interesting roller coaster between those two.


There's a bunch more at the link. [Collider]

Warehouse 13

The always welcome Anthony Stewart Head has reportedly been cast as a villain named Paracelsus, because what the hell else is Anthony Stewart Head going to play on Warehouse 13 if not a villain named Paracelsus? He will reportedly appear in the final three episodes of season four. [Live Feed]


Here's a 33-minute interview with creator Jack Kenny and the main cast.

Beauty and the Beast

Here's a promo for the next episode, "Playing With Fire."

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