Will Global Warming Lead To War?

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We've all heard the arguments about what effect global warming will have on the planet, but what effect will it have on humanity? A new study suggests that one effect could be more warfare.


A research team led by Stanford University's David Lobell and Marshall Burke at the University of California, Berkeley, has uncovered a possible link between temperature and violence. Mapping connections between African civil wars and local temperature between 1981 and 2002, the team discovered a "strong relationship" between temperature spikes and civil war, leading them to predict a 54 per cent rise in the incidence of civil war by 2030 unless current estimates of global warming are somehow curbed. We await Al Gore's statement on the matter.

African conflicts spurred by warming [New Scientist]

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Seriously, does this site even follow the news? You post this but nothing on the recent Climategate controversy. How are we supposed to take this seriously when we now find out that most of the research into "global warming" is false.

How about showing some journalistic integrity and post an opposing viewpoint rather than your own dogmatic view.