Will George Lucas Sacrifice Jar Jar Binks To Win Back Your Love?

In this week's Star Wars: The Clone Wars we're hearing hints that Jar Jar Binks may die. In fact, the studio has even provided a clip that shows Jar Jar falling off a cliff and (maybe) dying. Honestly, if the Clone Wars series ended right here, with this clip, I can honestly say, I'd be cool with it. Even if this isn't really the end for the most annoying Gungan, you can at least watch the clip and fantasize. And wonder, if Lucas killed Jar Jar, would that make you love him again?Obviously, we kind of know that Jar Jar isn't going to die because George Lucas would never do that on a TV show he's trying to market to a new crop of kiddies. But still, what if? Would that make you love him again? Would watching the bones of this Gungan break and hearing Jar Jar utter his final okeyday thrust you back into the bosom of Lucas? Would you forgive him for CG gophers and casting the wood faced boy as teen Vader? Could you? I honestly think that this is a sacrifice that needs to happen, I've speculated long and hard about the death of Ahsoka Tano, but this would be way better. And it's an easy fix for the the future movie, just say that he had a twin brother who was also named Jar Jar that took his place in the Delegation of 2000, for revenge or out of respect. It doesn't matter — I need to see him die. Star Wars: Clone Wars is on this Friday at 9 PM on the Cartoon Network.



Jar Jar is just a vagualy personified scapgoat.

He means nothing in the great scheme of things either way.