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Of all the science fiction movies to turn into a television series, Andrew Nichol's genetic-engineering-class-war Gattaca wouldn't be on most people's lists. Turns out Denis Leary isn't most people; his production company is developing the series right now.


The news was hidden in a longer article about Leary's post-Rescue Me future by Variety, but it was /Film who brought it to most people's attention. Details are still scarce, but according to the trade paper, the series is being developed by NCIS and producer (and one of the people behind Syfy's short-lived Painkiller Jane series) Gil Grant as "a one-hour police procedural set in the future." Sounds to us like they're missing almost everything that made the 1997 movie worth watching, but we're withholding judgment until we know that the project has been picked up, at least.

Apostle preps for post-'Rescue' life [Variety]


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