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Will Ferrell will star in a remake of 1970s dinosaurs-and-campy-lizards show Land of the Lost. Marilyn Manson's favorite TV show is about a family that gets caught up in a mega-earthquake during an expedition and falls into a prehistoric little enclave full of ape-kids, dinos and lizard guys called the Sleestaks. How will Ferrell's slapsticky style mesh with Land's Sid-and-Marty-Krofft campiness? Here are some hints.


Instead of a family getting trapped in the dinosaur wasteland, it'll be a "disgraced paleontologist" (Ferrell), his assistant, and his macho sidekick (Danny McBride). In other words, it'll be more of the homoerotic two-guys comedy that Ferrell has excelled at lately. Brad Silberling (Casper) will direct. And the film will still have monkey people, dinosaurs and Sleestaks, but it'll be a spoof of the TV series rather than a remake. McBride says "massive sets" have been constructed for the film. [IGN]

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