Will Disney's Decision To Crush Mid-Budget Films Stomp Out Ant-Man?

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Disney is squeezing out the middle on its slate of upcoming films. And that's bad news for lesser-known Marvel heroes, like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange — unless you want to see Ant-Man done as a dirt-cheap romantic comedy.


Producers for the Disney rom-com The Proposal, have spilled the beans on Disney's film future. Disney will only be making two types of films:

"$150 million plus blockbuster with lots of special effects and built in merchandising." And, "Low budget productions."


Which means Iron Man is safe, but Ant-Man is screwed. You can't make an Ant-Man movie for just a few million, and there certainly isn't built-in merchandising around this character. Unless Tony makes him his new side kick.

[Worst Previews via CBM]

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crashedpc /sarcasm

Oh. At least they're honest about making expensive garbage and shitty cheap garbage. That's nice. Bless their hearts.