Will David Goyer's Wonder Woman be announced at Comic-Con?

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There's a rumor going around Comic-Con that within the next 48 hours, Blade: Trinity director and Batman Begins scribe David Goyer will be affiliated with a yet-to-be announced Wonder Woman movie.


According to The Playlist, a Wonder Woman surprise announcement could be made very soon:

We're hearing that at ComicCon sometime in the next 48 hours or so WB/Legendary are going to announce Goyer and a "Wonder Woman" film for 2013. What's Goyer's role going to be. As a director? A writer? We're honestly not sure, the intel is fuzzy.


If this is the case, it certainly explains Wonder Woman's sudden costume change in comic continuity — better to preempt fan criticism for changing the costume, no? Also, fighting crime in a swimsuit is a pain. Just ask Lynda Carter.

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What the fuck?

Gail Simone is is pretty much the only writer qualified to do a Wonder Woman anything right now. And the Wonder Woman animated movie she scripted was totally badass save for the boring animation and art design.

She should be the one scripting it!

I like Goyer alright as a writer because of the first 2 Blade movies and Batman Begins, but he relies a lot on the generic superhero/action movie formula, and his most high profile directing gigs were bombs.

Wondy deserves a lot better than him :(