Illustration for article titled Will CWs emGreen Arrow/em series be the next emSmallville/em, or emGossip Girl/em with weapons?

Green Arrow is getting his own TV show! The CW is prepping a Green Arrow series with Greg Berlanti (Eli Stone), Marc Guggenheim (No Ordinary Family, FlashForward) and Andrew Kreisberg (Fringe, W13) writing and producing.


According to Entertainment Weekly the script is near pilot order, but they're not sharing any details. The last time we saw the Green Arrow he was mugging it up on Smallville, played by Justin Hartley. The DC character (whose real name is Oliver Queen) is a billionaire and crackshot on the longbow. Over his many years as a comic book hero, Queen has been a member of the Justice League, died, was resurrected, and became the Mayor of his hometown.

We have no idea what type of angle this series will take, but at CW, it seems like there are only two types of shows: teen soaps and cheesy actions stories. With the fellows attached to this project, we're thinking cheesy action. Fingers crossed for Oliver everyone!

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