Will Christian Bale return as the Justice League's Batman?

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File this away as the totally unsubstantiated rumor of the day. Latino Review is reporting that Warner Bros. is ready to do just about anything to make a Justice League movie happen, including bringing back Christian Bale and Chris Nolan.


We've shortened the long report down to the most interesting rumors:

  • Warner Bros. wants Christopher Nolan to take over anything and everything superhero at the studio. Starting with Man of Steel (which is currently getting buzz from early test screenings) to Justice League, Nolan is being pushed as the DC big boss for the studio. And they think they can get him to save the Justice League (hence the idea to scrap the script and start over just a few months back)
  • Zack Snyder will also be joining Nolan as a producer on this picture. Possibly to remind Nolan that superheroes can also be fun from time to time.
  • Christian Bale will reprise his role as Batman in the Justice League movie. Henry Cavill will also be joining the team reprising his role as Superman.

LR says the studio is "shaping" the movie for Bale to reprise his role. But it may not necessarily be just for the Justice League, but for World's Finest, which is the Batman and Superman series. We're not entirely sure what to make of this, since putting Batman in the same movie as Superman kind of undoes all the gritty realism Nolan spent years infusing into this character. But maybe Nolan loved working on Man of Steel so damn much he found a way for both characters to co-exist.

The big question is whether Nolan would give up movies like Inception to rule DC at Warner Bros. We're not seeing it just yet.


Korea Miéville

Since they're going for the "gritty realism" in Man of Steel, juxtaposing that film's Superman with Nolan's Batman probably wouldn't be that jarring. I think it'd be interesting if they set it during the gap between TDK and TDKR — they wouldn't have to address the "hey, I thought he was retired" problem through that film and any sequels, and maybe having Batman go through some Superman-level mega-battles would help explain his rapid physical deterioration between the two Batman films.