Will Chatroom Break the Crappy-Movies-About-the-Internet Curse?

It's coming from J-horror trailblazer Hideo Nakata — director of Ringu and Dark Water — and it's full of young people doing sexy-dangerous things. But can Chatroom do what no other film has: make the internet interesting?


At first blush, Chatroom looks like a shabby-chic gloss on the virtua-world of Caprica: attractive young things looking to a network-based community to indulge fantasy, find kindred spirits, and break rules. At second blush...yeah, pretty much the same as first blush, but with a hint of panicked news reports of teens mercilessly goading their peers into suicide. Will it be good? Hard to tell, since this trailer seems to be more about production design than content.

But it does raise another question: How many movies do we have to burn through before we get to a good one about the internet? Why is something that's such a part of the human condition — for both better and worse — so elusive?


(Via Quiet Earth)

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"How many movies do we have to burn through before we get to a good one about the internet?"

I dunno. How many good movies are there about the telephone, letter writing, or the telegram? There are several about newspapers and journalism, but they usually don't (never) deal with the supernatural. Though I would pay billions to see Woodward and Bernstein fight little Japanese ghost girls with long black hair.