Will Bruce Wayne Visit Smallville?

The B-team of the Justice League is all set to appear again in the new season of Smallville. Kelly Souders, a producer and writer for WB's superhero series confirmed the return of the Green Arrow, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter and Aquaman in the next season. So if this truly is an origins story and since Superman is a founding member of the Justice League, when do we get to see the other starting members including Batman and Wonder Woman? Click through for more season eight spoilers.

Besides the Justice gang, Souders also confirmed the return of Cyborg from the Teen Titans. Will he be a new addition to DC's Super Friends?


Souders also spilled what we've all been been expecting since featured characters have been jumping off the Smallville Titanic one after the other: this season will focus on the relationship between Lois and Clark. Clark gets a job at the Daily Planet (which was hinted at in the season finale). "The camaraderie as they work side-by-side that everyone loves from the DC Comics and all the Superman lore is going to come to fruition this year," Souders told TV Guide. "The two of them are thrown together in some unfortunate situations for Clark. She becomes a little bit of an obstacle to him saving the world, when he's on a deadline."

Sounds like a predictable year. Let's hope they switch things up and let Doomsday murder the doe-eyed Clark Kent and then have his way with feisty Lois.


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