With the fourth and final season of Battlestar Galactica about to premiere in less than a month, you can forgive fans for being excited. What is slightly less forgivable, however, is the excitement coming from nervousness that the final season is going to suck purely because it is the final season. The accusations are flying in a recent SciFi.com message board thread.

Sci Fi message board poster "Rolling Paper" writes:

Soooo. Ron D Moore, Executive Producer of the series (as he constantly reminds us) said that Galactica would end when he lost his passion for the series. So the series has ended by his dictate as we all know. Ergo he has lost his passion for the series, ergo it will probably suck.


That's some seriously flawed logic there, "Rolling Paper." Not that it's the only example of logic taking a back seat to presumption in the thread.

At least the other fans who think that it'll suck have a slightly better reason. Namely, the quality of the previous season:

Given Season 3, (and I can't think of one series that has managed to recover from such a mess), I give it a 98% chance it will suck big time.


Other fans feel that a crappy third season makes it so much easier for the fourth season to be good:

Due to the suck called S3 my standard for S4 is so low that there's only a .00005% I will think it sucks because my expectations were lowered so much by S3 it's difficult to overstate. If continuity between lines is maintained I'll be happy, forget continuity between episodes... At this point that's a pipe dream.

For what it's worth, most fans don't seem to think that the final season will suck but feel the need to point out that, if it does suck, then it's probably Starbuck's fault.


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