We've gotten our first look at just what Ben Affleck will be wearing when he assumes Batman's cowl, but what color should that costume be?

The picture gives us a pretty good idea of the outlines of the costume, but the greyscale still leaves the palette a bit of a mystery. While a dark, monochromatic look is a perennially popular option, it's not the only choice for Gotham's best detective. And this set of palette-swapped Batman pictures, gives us a few other options to imagine.

Have a color scheme of your own in mind? Grab the greyscale version and get to work. In the meantime, check out a couple of our favorites, including a particularly nice mixed neutrals version in navy, grey, and black as suggested by commenter Mandara, a New 52-inspired take from Name Classified, and a lightly highlighted addition from Dante_GE.

Name Classified, who borrowed inspiration from the New 52's take on Batman