Will Batman and Superman team up in their own movie?

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There's a hell of a movie rumor floating around the internet. Sources say that Batman and Superman are going to team up in their own Warner Bros. production. The studio has two (fairly obvious) ideas for the team-up.


According Think McFly Think , sources are telling them that WB is hungry for a Batman/Superman team-up movie. (This is definitely an unsourced rumor for now, so please take with several grains of salt.)

There are allegedly two different storylines being tossed around for this Clark-and-Bruce film. One version would have the wise old Batman (Christian Bale) mentoring the young and inexperienced Superman (Henry Cavill). Or if Bale turns out to be unavailable, the second idea is to have Superman tutoring Batman and get a brand new Bruce, ditching Christopher Nolan's continuity entirely.


Neither idea is entirely surprising, what with the Nolan trilogy coming to a close next year with The Dark Knight Rises. Think McFlys Think's sources say that the WB is absolutely desperate to keep Bale in the cape and cowl, and if Superman is a big success this might be a way to keep Bale interested just a little bit longer. That said, we're not 100% sure this will ever happen based on WB's already hefty line-up of future films. Its also a little disappointing, since we hope that the studio would be excited to cultivate smaller heroes like The Flash before using the same old capes over and over again. But Green Lantern's dismal performance may have put the studio off superhero risk-taking for a while.

Even though the likelihood of this picture happening is small, and depends heavily in the public's interest in the Superman film (which is months and months away) what do you think of the premise? Do you like the mentor relationship? Or would you rather have the Bats Vs. Supes movie pitched years ago by Wolfgang Petersen (where the two capes duke it out based on misinformation being fed by Lex Luthor and The Joker)?

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Nolan's slightly more realistic Batman has postponed a World's Finest movie for the foreseeable. There's no place in the Nolanverse for a Kryptonian God, a man nearly invincible due to his supernatural abilities. Considering the nearly universal acclaim for The Dark Knight and the momentum going into The Dark Knight Rises, Nolan and Bale's Batman will almost certainly be the seminal incarnation for this generation, the way The Animated Series was for the previous.

Perhaps the next generation, 10-15 years down the line, they could give this a shot, but I worry that putting Batman into a universe with Superman changes what Batman is. Instead of a driven man, honing himself into a tool of justice in this unique and extraordinary way, he instead becomes the only superhero without a superpower. He becomes one of the multitude of masked vigilantes, which makes what Bruce made of himself a little less remarkable. Batman is such an iconic character that I wouldn't want to see a big part of what makes the character great reduced.

If we're going to do a mash-up, put Spider-Man in an Avengers movie. That'd be something.