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Rian Johnson explains exactly how time travel works in Looper. James Cameron reveals a crucial detail about Avatar 4. Joel Wyman maps out Fringe's final season. Karl Urban talks Dredd and Star Trek. Plus a trio of Doctor Who trailers!

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Thor: The Dark World

Much as Thor functioned as a way to introduce Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye before his big Avengers debut, there's plenty of rumors that other major Marvel characters will show up in Marvel's upcoming slate. The most intriguing rumor so far is that the Thor sequel will serve as a debut for Doctor Strange, who is probably second only to Ant-Man when it comes to new characters that might be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are also rumors that Viggo Mortensen is in negotiations for a role in an upcoming Marvel movie — and Dr. Strange is an obvious target for the Lord of the Rings and Eastern Promises actor — but this is all a lot of guesswork and speculation. The other major name linked to the role is that of Warrior and Animal Kingdom actor Joel Edgerton, who coincidentally seems to be roughly where Renner was when he took on the Hawkeye role, as he's also been linked to a bunch of big-name blockbuster franchises over the last few months. Anyway, there's a lot of smoke around this particular rumor, but I wouldn't say there's fire just yet. [The Playlist]



Brick director Rian Johnson offers the most in-depth rules yet as to just how time travel works in his futuristic thriller:

Well, first and foremost, and this sounds like a cheat, but, in reality, this is the only thing that made sense to me: I feel like so often the paradox element of time travel is approached from a chart perspective, or from a timeline perspective — from a mathematical perspective where "A" happened so "B" happened so "C" happens. In my mind, it made much more sense to look at the universe and the way the universe deals with these paradoxes. To look at it as an organic body and to look at it ... it's almost like you push a foreign object into an organic body. It doesn't have a machine like response to it. It kind of figures out what it is and tries to do its best to adjust to it.

And, so, that's why when the older self is back in the present, a physical thing, like a scar, that's kind of like more of a one-to-one simple thing — so that happens and then that appears on the younger person. But, in terms of the memories changing ‑‑ and there was originally a longer thing in the diner, where the old Joe character went into this in more detail — but the memories are kind of doing their best, and so it kind of gets really, really cloudy when things are still in flux. And in the present moment where they're defined, they become sharp again. But the main thing is, the memories are just trying to adjust and trying to figure out how to deal with this paradox. Which, to me, is how the universe actually works. You know, it's a big, organic mass.

There's plenty more from him at the link. [Huffington Post]

Star Trek 2

Star Karl Urban discusses how he creates his version of Bones for Star Trek sequel — which may or may not be called Star Trek Into Darkness, but let's just stick with the placeholder name until we're hear something official — and how much DeForest Kelly he tries to include in his performance:

As a longtime fan of "Star Trek," I would have felt short changed if I had gone into that cinema and not seen a character that was identifiably McCoy. So, for me, it was the process of analyzing DeForest — sort of internalizing, I guess, certain elements about that character. And, then, from there it was a process of presenting a younger version of what that character would be. And I think what we ended up with was kind of a combination of some obvious nods to DeForest, but then, you know, I also have to make the character my own. And it is, ultimately, my interpretation of what Bones is. But, having such huge admiration and respect for what he did before, it was important that the character be recognizably Bones.


[Huffington Post]


Here's a TV spot.

Karl Urban discusses the movie's sense of humor:

I like the fun, actually. I thought, when I read the script, that it was a fun movie. It's got a great sense of humor running through it... It's a dry humor. I mean, yes, it presents a dystopian future that is pretty harsh. But, I think what I liked about the film is the sadness. There's a certain sadness to this film that you don't often get in this type of film.


He also explains how he approached the character, based on his own experiences reading the comics as a kid:

For me it was just like, "Wow, I can't believe I'm getting the opportunity to bring to life a comic book hero that I liked as a teenager." Because I had that connection from back then, I understood the character. I understood the fabric of the character and I'm aware of the challenges and the limitations. You know, he's a character that is highly trained law enforcement officer. He's the type of man who has his emotions squarely in check — believing he feels these emotions, as we all do. But he's not one to show it, so, consequently, I'm operating within a very narrow bandwidth. And that was a huge challenge.


There's more at the link. [Huffington Post]

Catching Fire

Syriana and Casino Royale actor Jeffrey Wright has reportedly joined the Hunger Games sequel as Beetee, an electronics expert from District 3 and companion of Amanda Plummer's Wiress who becomes one of Katniss's key allies. [IGN]


The Hobbit

Here's a bunch of photos found in the recently released tie-in app for iOS devices. [Coming Soon]


Cloud Atlas


Here's a poster spotted at the Toronto International Film Festival. [First Showing]

Avatar 4

Although producer Jon Landau says they are only planning to film two Avatar sequels back-to-back, that doesn't mean a fourth Avatar film isn't on the cards. In fact, James Cameron says it's going to be a prequel:

"I haven't really put pen to paper on it, but basically it goes back to the early expeditions of Pandora, and kind of what went wrong with the humans and the Na'vi and what that was like to be an explorer and living in that world. Because when we drop in, even in the first film in 'Avatar 1,' as it will be known in the future, we're dropping into a process that's 35 years in to a whole colonization. That will complete an arc and if that leads into more, we'll start, not imitating 'Star Wars,' but it's a logical thing to do because we'll have completed the thematic arc by the end of three. The only thing left to do is go back to see what it was like on those first expeditions and create some new characters that then become legacy characters in later films. It's a plan."


He also confirmed, "I'm writing two scripts together as one big thing." [MTV]

Battle Angel

According to a translation of an interview with a Swedish magazine — so this might not be 100% accurate — James Cameron's producing partner Jon Landau says their adaptation of the manga about a cyborg amnesia in the 26th century is still a possibility:

"We'll focus on 'Avatar' for the next four or five years. Hopefully right after that… I am confident you will see it. It's one of my favorite stories, I think it is an incredible story, a journey of self-discovery of a young woman. It is a movie that begs the question: 'What does it mean to be human? Are you human if you have a heart, are you human if you have a mind, are you human if you have a soul?' And I look forward to bringing that film to audiences."


[Moviezine via Coming Soon]

How to Catch a Monster

Mad Men and Firefly actress Christina Hendricks discusses the premise of her Drive co-star Ryan Gosling's directorial debut, which is described as some sort of dark urban fairy tale:

"[I'm] supporting two children and trying to provide a home for them and a place of comfort in a continuously harder place to be. And I find myself working in this very surreal club that gets me into a sort of predicament, and in the meantime, these boys are off on their own adventures and they discover this underground city. I don't know what the exact budget is, but I think we've got a nice amount. I'm sure it will be incredibly clever, and Ryan already has storyboards and pictures of neighborhoods and homes, and he's already collecting music for it ... when you read it, it gives you the feeling, maybe, of a memory. Something from your childhood that you can't really pinpoint."


Hendricks also reveals the specific type of club she's working in is a "fetish club"... so yeah, that's another fact to keep in mind. [Vulture]


Since the opening action sequence for a James Bond movie is always kind of a big deal — at least relative to your average film's title sequence — here's a behind-the-scenes featurette all about it. [IGN]

Resident Evil: Retribution

Here's a TV spot. [Coming Soon]

Breaking Dawn: Part 2

Here's what we can only hope is the final trailer for what we can really only hope is the final Twilight movie.

Doctor Who

Here's all three trailers for next week's Western episode, "A Town Called Mercy." [Blogtor Who, TV Guide, and Life, Doctor Who, and Combom]


Here's how showrunner Joel Wyman explains the structure of the fifth and final season:

"[It'll have] two little breaks. Four [episodes], and then two... and the rest is a[n uninterrupted] run-on. [The finale's] definitely going to be in the one-hour slot. [Episodes 11, 12 and 13] are like a three-parter. [The season is] a 13-hour feature film type of thing, like a saga, because I feel that's the best way to tell the end."


[TV Line]


Here's a promo photo. [SpoilerTV]

Wyman tweeted that the third episode is called "The Recordist." [@JWFringe]

The Walking Dead

Here's a new round of teasers for season three. [SpoilerTV]

Once Upon a Time


Here's the first official look at Teen Wolf actor Sinqua Walls as Sir Lancelot. [EW]


Here's another promo photo. [SpoilerTV]

The titles for the first three episodes of season two are reportedly "Broken", "We Are Both", and "Lady of the Lake." [KSiteTV]


And here's a short synopsis for the season premiere:

As fairytale characters awaken from Queen Regina's curse, they are not transported back to their home; Prince Phillip and his traveling companion realize they will be facing a deadly foe.




Here's the description for the second episode of NBC's post-energy action drama, "Pontiac, Illinois", which is set to air September 24:

MILES LEADS CHARLIE ON A SEARCH TO FIND NORA – In order to rescue Danny (Graham Rogers), Miles (Billy Burke) knows he and the gang will need help. Thus, the search begins for Nora (Daniella Alonso), a rebel fighter battling against the Militia. Meanwhile, Aaron (Zak Orth) confides in Maggie (Anna Lise Phillips) and Danny lays witness to what Captain Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) is capable of. JD Pardo, Tim Guinee and Elizabeth Mitchell also star.




And here's the latest promo photo. [SpoilerTV]

666 Park Avenue

The third episode of ABC's paranormal apartment drama is reportedly called "The Dead Don't Stay Dead." [SpoilerTV]




Here's a promo photo. [SpoilerTV]

American Horror Story: Asylum

Here are the latest teasers for season two. [Shock Till You Drop]


Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg discusses two of the big immigrants from the DC universe to The CW's Green Arrow Show, The Huntress — specifically, the Helena Bertinelli version — and Firestorm supporting player Felicity Smoak:

"[Huntress is] going to be a match for [Oliver], both in skill and in matters of the heart. It's a new take on The Huntress that no one has ever seen, but definitely feels Arrow-fied for our world...On our show, [Felicity Smoak is] a brilliant IT girl at Queen Consolidated and she's become a little bit of Oliver's unknowing Scooby gang," Kreisberg says. "She's brilliant, but tough and sarcastic and doesn't relate well to people. Oliver is constantly coming to her for computer problems, and whether she knows it or not, she's actually helping him solve some of the cases."


There are some more hints at the link. [TV Guide]

Additional reporting by Amanda Yesilbas and Charlie Jane Anders.


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