Will ABC Soap Derail Torchwood Season 4?

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Russell T Davies has been quoted as saying that the Torchwood that returns next season may not be the one people are expecting to see... But is that because John Barrowman may be jumping ship to star in Desperate Housewives?


Digital Spy is reporting that Barrowman told Radio 1 listeners in the UK that he's in talks to join the cast of ABC's once-popular soap opera, apparently saying,

I'm off to Los Angeles on Sunday again. I probably shouldn't say this but I've got a meeting with the execs of Desperate Housewives. Can you believe it - I'm going to be a Desperate Housewife!


It's unknown currently what kind of role Barrowman could be meeting about, but should he end up a series regular, that may make his availability for Torchwood much smaller. Would Davies and the BBC make a Torchwood without its core character, or would they delay a fourth season until Barrowman was free? Should we start making up stories about Barrowman's unprofessionalism and forwarding them to ABC bosses, just in case.

Barrowman to meet 'Housewives' bosses [Digital Spy]

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Benny Gesserit

Whenever you have a character who's seen just about everywhere and knows just about everything (kof kof Doctor Who, Jack kof kof) it's easy to "deus ex machina" the plot into the ground. Some felt the end of Season 3 had that feeling to it; Jack pulled a rabbit out of his hat as it were.

I'm wondering if Torchwood would end up being harder to write and perhaps a better show by going forward without Capt Jack.

They'd still have quite a bit of their cool tech but would have to rebuild the place. And they'd hire Lois, of course.

(If this is a dup, apologies. Been having a bit of trouble with io9 and Lifehacker today.)