Will a Martian Chronicles movie finally get off the ground?

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One of the all-time classics of science fiction could be getting a movie adaptation at long last. After a few failed attempts by different producers to make a Martian Chronicles film, Paramount has greenlit a version with producer John Davis.


Getting Martian Chronicles onto the screen has been a tricky process. There was a disappointing 1980 miniseries adaptation of Ray Bradbury's short story collection, which Bradbury himself panned. But nobody's been able to get a movie version started, despite a few attempts since 1997. Can this version successfully translate Bradbury's sprawling masterpiece, in which the stories are only loosely connected by the Martian setting, into a cohesive film?

Davis has put out some great films in the past, including the original Predator. But he was most recently the producer of Gulliver's Travels and Marmaduke (along with Predators). [The Hollywood Reporter]

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Even if it did I'm sure it would be similar to the I, Robot movie than anything else. A based on sort of thing rather than a straight adaptation. Although I didn't hate I, Robot except for Will Smith and what they did to Susan Calvin.