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Will A Computer-Generated Anakin Be Less Robotic?

Illustration for article titled Will A Computer-Generated Anakin Be Less Robotic?

A new poster for Star Wars: Clone Wars just came out, and it gives a good look at how Obi-Wan and Anakin will bring their game faces to that long stretch of battles between the second and third Star Wars prequels. Click through to see the full poster — and to find out why Hayden Christensen no longer considers Star Wars the pinnacle of his acting career.

Illustration for article titled Will A Computer-Generated Anakin Be Less Robotic?

Clone Wars comes to theaters this August, and then hits the Cartoon Network next fall. Meanwhile, Hayden Christensen has decided the Star Wars prequels might not go at the top of his acting resume after all:

How those movies are made is very specific, as far as what our jobs are...George isn't looking for us to come in and have script meetings with him and talk about characters. It wasn't necessarily anything you could feel good about creatively, as far as "This is why I became an actor." It's not why you become an actor, to do stuff like [Star Wars].


[Poster from Film School Rejects]

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@codydog: By who's standards? They didn't all go on to become 'A' list movie stars, that's true. But to say that they didn't have careers is demonstrably UNTRUE.

Hammill's voice acting career is pretty well-known (and his turn as the Joker from Batman considered by many as the best take on the character). Fisher is a best-selling author and a well-known Hollywood script doctor. Both have done broadway. 30 years after Star Wars and they both still have active careers in Hollywood. That's a hell of a lot more successful than most actiors out there.

I also notice some selectivity there: several actors in Star Wars were already stars from day one, so you convienently ignore them. Or do you think that Peter Cushing, James Earl Jones, Sir Alec Guiness, Frank Oz, or Ian McDiarmid. And even minor character actors like Warwick Davis and Caroline Blakiston are still actively working actors.

The idea that no one from Star Wars ever went on to be successful is just plain silly. Unless your only definition of success is that of being Harrison Ford, I suppose.