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Wildly Emotional Biopic Shows The Dramatic Beginnings Of Walt Disney

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Behold the trailer for Walt Before Mickey, which shows the modest beginnings of the world's most famous animator. And no this isn't a Funny of Die video this is a real movie about Walt losing his shit and his money, a lot.


Based off the novel, Walt Before Mickey: Disney's Early Years: 1919-1928 by Timoth S. Susanin (that has a forward by Diane Disney Miller) the film takes place just like the title says, "before Mickey." But that doesn't stop it from teasing the hell out of Mickey's beginnings with a little mouse nibbling on some cheese. Clearly times were tough for Walt, but he made it out alright.

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Fractured Farina

John Heder, Jodie Sweetin, David Henrie, Thomas Ian's a veritable Who Wasn't of actors, huh?

My work PC has no sound, so maybe it's better than it "looks" but it seems so earnest, like one of those religious films Kirk Cameron is involved with.