Wild trailers for ABC's new TV shows include evil Nazi babies and green aliens!

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Earlier today ABC announced that it would be adding three new genre shows: 666 Park Avenue, Zero Hour, and The Neighbors to their line-up next year. And now we've got the sizzle reels for each show. We're completely blown away by the evil Nazi baby, and the look of the aliens in The Neighbors! Watch them all, right here.


Zero Hour!
Nazis, Evil Babies and Frozen Priests OH MY!

666 Park Avenue


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So 666 is "Evil" Fantasy island?

I think if the title was changed, it would feel more fun(instead of mehtacular).....Plus the trailer really was meh.

The neighbors seems like they could have had an awesome concept(reverse 3rd Rock), but the trailer just made it look like a bad delivery.

Zero Hour seems like the only one that I could get into(even if it is made by Hasbro)......