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Which new Transformer will definitely appear in Transformers 2? And what are early viewers saying about The Dark Knight's ending? How will Spock make you cry in the new Star Trek? These are just some of the questions that are too spoilery to answer without letting you see a spoiler warning and click through. Informed consent is very important to us here at morning spoilers. How else can we make sure you're willing to devour the newest Doctor Who rumors, the new batch of Clone Wars images, and the latest hints about Fringe, Sarah Connor, Smallville and The Middleman? We only serve up spoilers to consenting readers. And we don't test our spoilers on animals. (Well, maybe our cat. Occasionally.)

Transformers 2:

The stakes will be higher in Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, and the bad guys will have a more coherent plan. Plus it'll be more science fictional, and we'll see way more of the giant robots, and less of the humans. (Yes!) Instead of building up to revealing the Transformers halfway through the film like the first movie, the sequel will start right out with some Transformer action, says writer Roberto Orci.


Arcee, the female Transformer who turns into one or three motorcycles, was in an early script draft, but may or may not be in the final movie. But Soundwave is definitely in the second movie, although he may not still turn into a tapedeck. And it's possible we'll spend some time on the Transformer homeworld of Cybertron, but Orci wouldn't say one way or the other. Which would be totally wild and awesome. More details at the link. [Sci Fi Wire]

As Transformers 2 begins, Shia and Megan Fox have been dating for two years, and they're like an old married couple, says Megan Fox. [JoBlo]

The Dark Knight:

Some more Dark Knight spoilers from some guy on a message board: Rachel does die. Harvey/Two-Face gets "closure," including a funeral scene at the end. And we don't really get to see what happens to the Joker at the end, after a SWAT team shows up and the Batman leaves. Does the Joker get arrested? He just sort of disappears from the movie. [ZGeek]


Star Trek:

In the new Star Trek movie, we'll see how Kirk and Spock became "so connected." And Spock will make you cry with his dense, rich performance. [KREN and E! Online]


Star Wars: Clone Wars:

Here are a couple of Clone Wars posters. Nothing much new, except maybe a glimpse of space-shippy action. [IESB]




In the course of solving the case that threatens the life of Olivia's partner John, Olivia discovers there's a whole branch of Homeland Security devoted to investigating the mysterious chain of events known as The Pattern, which call into question the nature of reality. We'll learn more about Olivia's complicated past as she tries to figure out if anybody is behind all these events, or if they're just natural occurrences.


Mad scientist Walter Bishop may have suffered a mental breakdown 20 years ago, as a result of the harm his oddball research was doing. And since then, he's been exposed to extreme therapies that may have damaged his mind further. Meanwhile, his former partner, William, is super-rich and runs a company called Massive Dynamics. William's chief operating officer, Nina Sharp, takes a maternal interest in Olivia and is aware of the Pattern. She may be trying to protect her company from it, or possibly harness it for profit or some other reason. [Newsarama]

Doctor Who:

Rumors for guest spots in the 2009 one-off specials include the Sea Devils, the Judoon, the Master, Winston Churchill, the eighth Doctor, 1980s companion Ace... and Brian Blessed, either playing the barbarian King Yrcanos or a new character. And here's a new trailer for the Sarah Jane Adventures season two, including a (shudder) clown. [Planet Gallifrey]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

The first episode of Sarah Connor Chronicles season two will make huge changes to every character. Sarah Connor will have massive biceps this time. John Connor will have a new love interest, Riley, who shows up in episode 2, and she won't know John's apocalyptic secret. She'll have a bit of a love triangle with John and Cameron. Also, Sarah Connor's war is "grander and more complicated" than she had believed. [Wired and TV Guide]



Remember Warrior Angel, that superhero movie they were filming at the Kent farm on Smallville? We get to see a fundraiser tying in with it in episode three of the new season ("Toxic"), but Green Arrow (Ollie) gets poisoned at the party, and Clark and Chloe are also there. Characters being cast for the episode include Marcos, Angelica, Megan, a guard, a reporter and a cop. And then the following episode will feature Maxima — the name of an alien queen who demanded to marry Superman in the comics — according to a casting call. But then the casting call changed the character's name to "Melissa." Hmm. [Kryptonsite]


The Middleman:

Wendy actually wears the black catsuit you can see her wearing in The Middleman's opening credits, in an upcoming episode. And the Middleman actually goes on a date with Wendy's roommate Lacey, which makes Wendy uncomfortable. We'll learn more about the mystery about Wendy's missing father, and we'll see more of Tyler, the guy who almost got Wendy's job but ended up with three-day amnesia instead. [New York Post]


Additional reporting by Lauren Davis.