Wild-Looking Korean Sci-Fi Epic Space Sweepers Is Coming to Netflix Next Month

Gif: Netflix
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Last year, the first trailer for Korean sci-fi adventure Space Sweepers made waves over social media for its over-the-top approach to space action. While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic meant it never got to hit theaters, Netflix picked up international distribution—and it’s on the way very soon.


Today Netflix dropped a new look at the movie, directed by Jo Sung-Hee, that gives us a bit more of that wild action and some very cool looking robots. But it also gives us a few more details about the plot of the film, which sees a crew of starship junkers, hungry for money, facing a surprising ethical dilemma: when one of their hauls uncovers a young android who also happens to be a terrifyingly powerful bomb, do they protect her and others from harm or reap the big bucks that trading her on the black market would get them?

It’s an interesting addition to Netflix’s ever-growing slate of international genre material, and in particular its growing slate of Korean-language material. There’s a great, gritty vibe to the aesthetic that fits a story about some scrupulous spacers just trying to turn a profit, but the draw here beyond the ragtag crew is just how bonkers some of the action looks to get as they get in way over their heads.

I mean, that robot threw a spear at a spaceship. And it worked? Sold. So sold.

Thankfully, we don’t have long to wait to see more spear-spaceship action: Space Sweepers hits Netflix in a month’s time, on February 5.

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Looks like Guardians of the Galaxy meets Space Truckers.