Cheeseball antics aside, SGU has really started to grow on me. Last night's episode reminded me a lot of the Buffy episode "Normal Again," and that's a good thing.

Here's a pretty self explanatory clip of this week's set up:

As you can see, Scott is burying himself inside his hallucinations, caused by the blue gunk on his arm. And in his mind he's marrying Chloe and the entire cast of SGU is actually members of his family, friends and local townspeople. The fake memories did get a little borderline cheeseball here and there, but overall it was pretty great to see the crew in fairly new roles, new clothes, and strange scenarios. I especially like that this afforded Telford the chance to address his Lucian brainwashing. But mind you, Telford's revelations weren't his own, they were what Scott assumed he felt. Which makes his flip out during the Telford torture session even more understandable.


That is what was interesting about the hallucination sequence. The audience got to see how Scott looks at the rest of the crew. Chloe is his lady (who constantly questions his sincerity and genuine love for her), James is his ex (who is CLEARLY still in love with him in his mind), Young is his Papa, Eli is the protector of Chloe (her brother and his friend...but at a distance), Rush is some sort of spiritual guide to Scott, and Greer is his best friend and trusted mate. Would it have been more interesting if they picked a different character (like Eli) to host the hallucinations? Yes, probably, since I'm not terribly invested in Scott yet. BUT, I would argue that the big climax at the foot of the stargate would have been much less engaging.


Back on the planet everyone is freaking out because Scott is unconscious and dying. He can't be brought aboard Destiny because who knows if he's contagious? TJ and Rush try everything. They even attempt to cut off his arm, but nothing is working. Soon the beasts that poisoned Scott in the first place start threatening the away crew and the team has to slowly retreat back to the stargate, hopefully finding a way to cure Scott before it's too late. For the first time in a while SGU finds a good pace. The slow creepy dream world compliments the fast moving alien planet world until the two are basically weaving into one another.

Plus Greer finally got to show what he's made of this episode. We haven't seen this badass side of Greer since he went space tick crazy, and who knows how much of that was space tick influenced. Watching Greer take control of Scott's last stand, flame thrower in hand was a lot of fun and exceptionally intense.


This entire episode hinged on the finale. If SGU hadn't pulled off the very big sweeping instrumental blood marriage between Chloe and Scott, the whole dream world would have been a waste, or at least cheapened a little bit. But, they did! And quite well. Chloe "infects" herself with the blue stuff and is then forced to stay on the planet with her dying boyfriend - tres dramatique! But look ho! She still has that alien blood in her and turns out, that stuff is an antidote for the blue virus. Quick like lightning Chloe gives Scott an alien blood transfusion with nothing but an event horizon of the Stargate to keep them safe from the attacking creatures. It was great. I had a good time. No real complaints. Also now Young is super pissed because Chole had to reveal that she wasn't fixed, and Rush lied...again.

Until next week.