Why You Need To Avoid Those All-Too-Frequent "Sad Desk Lunches"

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You know by now that sitting prunes lifespans, negates workouts, and outright kills people. Ugh, sitting. The worst, right? Well, not technically. Standing too much is also bad for you, and apparently plain old sitting can't hold a candle (in terms of sheer terribleness) to eating lunch while sitting at your desk.

And yet, an estimated 65% of Americans eat lunch at their desk every day, or skip their midday meal altogether. You wanna not die? Remember to eat. And when you eat, try not to do it hunched over your standard issue low-slung death-station. If you're going to eat sitting down, like pretty much everyone does, at least stand up and walk somewhere first. Work those muscles, people.


sad desk lunch + The Atlantic via Nick Weiler

Photo Credit: Megan Morris via flickr | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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Um... Who doesn't eat sitting down usually?