Why won't we ever see movie Wolverine in his comics costume?

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Henry Cavill hopes we see one character who was hinted at in Man of Steel. The Terminator reboot has a tentative front-runner for Sarah Connor. And Stephen Moyer opines on a Bill-Sookie ending to True Blood. Plus, exciting new pictures of the Doctor Who Christmas special. Spoilers now!


While James Mangold isn't officially signed up to make another Wolverine movie, he's still looking at possible sequel ideas, saying:

I would just say it is always going to be about his relationships to other characters. We are very much trying to work with existing text. There are other great Wolverine stories out there but suffice it to say there are great texts about his connections to others, villains, characters from the lore and from the comics that we can bring out and have another great and meaningful adventure.


He also explained why they haven't been able to get Wolverine in his classic comics costume:

Finding the rationale for a uniform when the character disdains self promotion, why he would put on some outfit that promotes himself as some kind of hero? It's like Dirty Harry didn't walk around with special outfit. There's a difficult line to walk. He's not a showoff, he's the last one to put on a team jersey. The flesh and blood character is very loyal to that iconoclastic rebel who doesn't seem to be the first to don spandex. It isn't something I've talked about much. Some fans may be frustrated, but we're trying to be true to his character. Who knows whether that will change, I cannot verify and will not deny.

[Comic Book Resources]

Man of Steel

The first Man of Steel was filled with DC Universe easter eggs, including a nod to Wayne Enterprises. That's not star Henry Cavill's favorite, though — he has another character he'd like to see on the big screen:

On the extras on the Blu-ray, we're going to get the opportunity to see Zack's references to other aspects of the DC Universe. There's one obvious one which is now particularly obvious because of our next installment, which is involving Batman as well. We see Bruce Wayne Enterprises on the satellite in space. We also see some references to LexCorp. I actually have no further knowledge of this next story, but there's a good chance Lex is going to be introduced soon or at some stage. What really intrigued me was Dr. Emil Hamilton's connection to S.T.A.R. Labs. Cyborg I think would make a wonderful character and an incredible bridge between both superhumans and humanity in a different way to Batman. So I don't know where he's going to come in or if he's going to come in, but that's one I'm particularly excited about. Other references I'm not too sure on, but we'll see where those lead. Those with keen eyes will see them.


Watch the video below. [Coming Soon]


Despite earlier rumors that Tatiana Maslany was in the running to play Sarah Connor, the latest from Deadline says that the list really is just Emilia Clarke and Brie Larson, with Emilia Clarke having a slight edge. [via Coming Soon]


Doctor Who

For the United States, BBC America has confirmed that the Christmas Special will air at 9 PM EST. [Doctor Who News]


Go here for a complete set of new photos for the Christmas Special.


And here are some video interviews with Paul McGann talking about the "Night of the Doctor" short. [via Doctor Who Online]

Sleepy Hollow

Executive Producer Ken Olin described a major plot line for the finale, saying:

In the finale, certainly there will be a more immediate kind of convergence between the two worlds that will not only involve Katrina and Crane, but Abbie, too.


Nicole Beharie feels like the relationship between Abbie and Ichabod is one of friendship, and is happy with the slow introduction of Katrina:

I do feel like it's a platonic relationship, and they are just working toward a common goal.

. . . It's really wonderful that they waited to reveal more about Katrina, because as the fan base is missing her [and is] sort of unsure of who she is, you start to feel almost like Crane does. We're separated from this person, you're getting flashes of this person… and the answer is revealed.


[TV Line]

True Blood

Stephen Moyer says that he's not really on board a Sookie-Bill ending for the series:

I don't know whether they can be, given everything that's happened between them. What Bill did was open up something inside her that she had never had before. He was the key to a new world for her. And maybe that's all he was supposed to be — a window into that world. I don't think that there is a right or wrong answer. I think a bunch of people would be happy if that was the story and a bunch of people would be pissed off if that was the story. I don't read that s–t, so I don't care, ultimately. All I want to do is do the show and have fun doing it.


[TV Line]

The Originals

The series has cast Elyse Levesque (Stargate Universe) as the recurring character Genevieve, who returns to New Orleans with a mysterious agenda and unfinished business with Rebekah and Marcel. [TV Line]


Here's the promo for episode 10, "The Casket Girls." [via SpoilerTV]

American Horror Story

Lance Riddick will be joining the cast as Papa Legba, the show's "voodoo Satan." He'll play a role with Angela Bassett's Marie Laveau, who Ryan Murphy has teased looks so good because "she's sold her soul." [Entertainment Weekly]



Last night saw the first appearance of Barry Allen, played by Grant Gustin. Greg Berlanti says that, without Gustin, there might not have been any Barry:

And had we not found Grant, I'm not sure we would have done the character. We looked at everybody. [It was] certainly the largest search I've ever been a part of for a TV show and he just was the part and suddenly it didn't become about age, it didn't become about any of those other things. If I were a kid and I wanted to see the living embodiment of the Flash, this is who I would want to see do it. So that's our real hope with these episodes is that, when people watch them - even before he becomes the Flash - that they connect with him in the way that we did.


Gustin himself is excited to see what happens with the character's spinoff, saying:

[I'm] mostly looking forward to getting the pilot script and seeing how Barry is going to handle this happening to him. Because he's not just excited, it's scary. That's what I loved about the character in the audition process - it's not just like he loves super heroes and he's a fanboy and he's like, "I'm going to be one!" It's kind of terrifying a little bit.


[Buddy TV]

Stephen Amell says that the relationship between Oliver and Felicity is changing:

That relationship is really moving in a new direction. It's one of those things where, guys do this all the time, you don't realize the depths and levels of your feelings for someone until someone else likes them.


[E! Online]

Teen Wolf

The premiere of season 3B will reveal where Derek is, and who his surprising companion is. [E! Online]



Here's the promo for episode 9.10, "Road Trip." [via SpoilerTV]

Almost Human

Below, watch the preview of episode five, "Blood Brothers." [SpoilerTV]

Witches of East End

Go here for the complete set of photos from the season finale, "Oh What a World!" [SpoilerTV]


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